Quest Language Studies | Designated Learning Institution (DLI)#: O19375993682

Experience Life in Canada

Homestay Experience offers visitors to Canada a wonderful opportunity to experience life with a typical Canadian family and learn about Canada, our people and culture. And in doing so it provides you with a fantastic opportunity to practice English.

This program is offered only in select smaller cities outside the large metropolitan areas. This ensures:

  • Better homes
  • Native English speaking families
  • Better Canadian experience
  • More opportunities to experience Canada's natural beauty
  • More opportunities for interacting with Canadian kids
  • Better and safe communities in which to discover, learn and make new friends.

Prior to arrival you will receive complete details about your hosts, including:

  • Location, map and all contact information
  • Photos and video
  • House and neighborhood description
  • Complete family description/information

After your arrival, the homestay coordinator will contact you on a weekly basis to make sure you are happy and to monitor your progress. From time to time the homestay coordinator will also plan activities for you to enjoy. The homestay coordinator can be contacted 7 days a week.

All types of families are in involved in this program and you may request families with or without:
kids, pets, dog, cats, vegetarian meals, etc...

All families have committed to providing you with an unforgettable Canadian experience. Families will not charge anything extra for going on family activities (hiking, canoeing, camping etc..) but when you do go out you are expected to pay for your own entrance fees, meals, movie ticket, etc.

Accommodation Guarantee: If for any reason you are not satisfied with the family selected for you, you can request a change. Also, after arrival you will still have up to 5 days to change your family if you are not satisfied.

Program rates are:

  • Less than 12 weeks: $350 per week, 3 meals, private room,
  • 12 weeks or more: $335 per week, 3 meals private room.
  • One-time placement fee: $250
  • Transportation (return) between Toronto to Kingston: $100 ($80 with student card) with pickup/return at airport in Toronto: $200.00
  • Internet access $20.00 per month