Designated Learning Institution (DLI)#: O19375993682
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Focus on Communication

Improve Listening, Speaking and Pronunciation

  • Is your grammar strong?
  • Need practice using your English?
  • Need to develop confidence in your communication skills?
  • Need to improve your pronunciation?
  • Need to achieve fluency in speaking?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then our Conversation Plus program may be just the right course for you.

Conversation Plus emphasizes the study of cultures and lifestyle, and the improvement of your fluency in English. Classes include daily practice in speaking, listening, and reading with limited time spent on grammar.

At the beginning levels, practical topics are used as the basis for discussion, such as how to order in a restaurant, how to rent a car (or surfboard!), and how to use the telephone. You will learn how to perform important language functions, such as how to ask for and give information and directions.

At higher levels, the program deals with more complex issues, including current events and culture issues. News programs, music, and films are used in addition to English-language teaching materials. The emphasis at the advanced level is on fluency and accuracy.

At all levels visits to a courtroom, the stock exchange, TV show tapings, cafes and museums are examples of typical class trips that will help you to practice your English in real life situations.



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