St. Mary's University-

Saint Mary's offers you a student-centered learning environment. We encourage 'active learning', where your mind and imagination are appreciated, stimulated and engaged. Saint Mary's also promotes real-life application of your in-class studies, as we find ways to connect theory to the world around you. That means you learn as you do. The net effect is that you'll become a better communicator with more natural leadership and interpersonal skills. And that means better likelihood of landing the job you want once you graduate.


At Saint Mary's you can customize your degree and become as diverse as our campus. Here's how:

Take most of your courses from your "home" faculty, but explore other interests with courses from the other faculties, too.

Accelerate your learning - we have 4 semesters to choose from. You can study year round if you want or start your program at different times of year.

Work part-time while studying - our campus runs many classes from 8:30AM to 8:30PM to accommodate your schedule. In fact, 75% of our students combine work and study to finance their education. The campus has more than 1,000 part-time employment opportunities for students and a Student Employment Centre to help you with your search. 

Get involved through volunteer opportunities, extracurricular activities, and varsity or intramural athletics.

Connect with students from some of the more than 90 countries represented on campus, or spend time in one of their countries on an international exchange or field trip. Founded in 1802, Saint Mary's has been educating citizens of the world for over 200 years.

Becoming a student at Saint Mary's University means joining a community of more than 38,000 students and graduates around the world. It means getting individualized attention, since the average first-year class size in undergraduate degree programs is only 40 to 60 students. It means working with engaging professors who are experts in their field of study, maybe even adding hands-on experience in ground-breaking research to your resumé. Click here to find out how students are getting closer to their passions at Saint Mary's University!