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Residence Accommodation  

Residences (based on availability) may be suitable for students who wish to have a greater degree of independence than offered in a homestay and keep accommodation costs down. In residence type accommodation you are provided with a private room and shared bathroom, kitchen and living area. You must provide for your own meals.

Quest works with a number of residences in Toronto. You have a choice of two types of residences:

Standard Residences: are mainly located in the city centre, close to the school, and affiliated with universities. Almost all standard residences (except YWCA)are available in the summer only from late May to the middle of August. To view more information on summer residences see the the Accommodations Menu - Summer Residences.
Standard Residences - Price and Availability Guide

Basic Residences: are in private homes occupied by students. To view more information click here.

While we will do our best to place students in residence of their choice, all residence are subject to availability.

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